Easy Online Access

With K12-ERP parent-portal, parents can have easy online access to their child's school related information like attendance, grades, schedule, fee, homework, complains, disciplinary remarks and behavior at school in real time from “anywhere”, “anytime” without having face-to-face meeting on a regular basis thus avoiding long queues at schools and saving their travel time and expenses.


Families with two or more children enrolled in the school can view all of their students at one place, with one single login.


With K12-ERP parents can pay school fee of their multiple child on a single invoice saving time and money to generate and pay the fee invoice of multiple child.

Mobile Apps for parents

K12-ERP has made parent access easier with easy to use mobile apps for parents allowing them to get reliable update on their child's academic performance, attendance record, exam grades, fee payments and behaviour in school through small devices like mobile having internet connectivity. Parents can even view and analyze their child’s attendance record, lessons missed and sickness reports for trends. They can often communicate with teachers and become involved in the daily school activities it will help their child to do better in school.

K12-ERP helps in changing the state of parental involvement in the school and improving the parent-teacher communication. This actually help parents be more responsive to those areas where their child needs work and to benefit from the knowledge that a good education gives them. When parents become involve children are benefited by increased motivation for learning, improved behaviour, regular attendance and a more positive attitude about homework and school.

Check out K12-ERP Parent-Portal with all-new user experience and push notifications. Get real-time access to information regarding your child's fee, attendance, assignments, grades, remarks and more!